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The King’s Speech

Watched The King’s Speech today. Superb acting by Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. Love the Queen – Helena Bonham Carter as well. Wondered if that was what happened at that point in time. Did the radio really go silent for two minutes as the King struggled to find his words? Love the way the shots were filmed, view of the street from the floor, placing the subjects at the side of the frame, against a very plain backdrop. The film was punctuated by pauses and moments without speech, appropriate given that it is about stammering. Love the music as well. Although I must say there were some points in time where I couldn’t catch what they were saying. Not acquainted with the British accent enough.

Text of everyday scenes (from memory)

Guy at Science library talking to the security guy. something about going in there for just two minutes.

One of the machine for borrowing wasn’t producing a receipt.

Floor of pigeon square is clean today.

Bright sun and clear skies the whole day today.

Old people in the theatre.

A group of people standing outside Bedford Way.

The big group split into two and went separate ways.

Man sitting on the ledge outside Roberts building. Waiting for someone?

Mandarin being spoken in the library.

Two Korean girls talking excitedly to each other.

New hair dryer in the toilet.

Photo-copying machine was out of paper.

The other one photo-copied with a horrendous black line across the page.

Thin stockings and short shorts need nice legs to pull them off.



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