Everyday life

smell of chlorine

I poured a packet of instant cereal drink into the very cup (containing a used tea bag) that I wanted to wash.

Painfully reminded that rock climbing gives you bruises.

Walked by ULU today and smelt distinct chlorine from the swimming pool. Then remembered that that was one thing which I wanted to take note but forgot. I rather like that smell because it reminds me of Singapore, for some reason and it smells so clean.

Shibboleth is down today.

It is cold today. Just slightly above zero. At some point in time (around 1), the sun came out, although it didn’t make its presence felt (literally).

Cafe at bedford was surprisingly empty today. There were actually empty chairs and tables. Was I too early or is it just that no one works on Fridays?

Many people on Wardour Street. Man with a dog which was wearing a shirt. We wondered what breed it was cause we were just previously talking about dogs. As we walked by, the man was wrestling with his dog. Did we look worried? Cause he kind of said stuff which implied for us not to worry about the dog. I wasn’t worried anyway.

Lots of people in the shop. There seems to be some semblance of a queue. Or rather, people were standing in a line. But there were also people who seem to not be in the line. For fear of offending the people in the ‘queue’, I stood behind them. Wrong decision because it seemed that queuing was not enforced. Chaotic really.

Against the wall, there were metal pipes sticking out and water flowing out of it onto a tray that runs along the wall. It looks like something from a drain or the toilet. Not a fan of this kind of interior design, really.

Blair on BBC at Tescos today. Good looking chap standing a few people away from me.

More work tomorrow. Will probably hit the gym. Miss running.


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