Everyday life

filiae melioris aevi

Now as we remember
Strains of our school song
Calls to mind our motto
Filiae melioris aevi

Filiae melioris aevi
Daughters of a better age
United by a common goal
Filiae melioris aevi

The ability to ‘connect’ with a schoolmate, no matter which class we come from, makes me very happy.

Went to Cambridge today.

It is so different from London. The moment I got off the station, 2 things struck me. Bicycles and lack of people of skin colour other than white. 3rd thing was how small their main roads were. fourth thing was how young people were-everyone seemed to be about twenties to thirties and rather cleanly dressed, hardly any scruffy people around.

Had formal dinner at Emmanuel College. Very interesting experience i must say.


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