Everyday life


Chinatown is decked out in festive colours again. Lanterns of varying colours stretched across the street.

Chinatown is full of Chinese, and tourists as usual. Bought my rabbit from there. There was a guy standing outside the shop, watching out for thieves maybe. I wonder where he is from, for he could speak cantonese but I doubt he is from Hong Kong. Do people who work in Chinatown pick up Cantonese on their own? He had great difficulty detaching one rabbit from the other so I helped him do that. The rabbit is called 平安 and it is staring at me now.

Construction at the junction of Tottenham Court Road, New Oxford Street, Oxford Street and Charing Cross road continues. Near the junction, slightly further up from Superdrugs, there is a big red sign that says ‘no footpath ahead’. Even so, many people still turn left around the corner, continue round the construction barriers only to realise it is a dead end. I think everyone is slightly misled by the people coming out from the shops there (is it starbucks) and people who were misled into thinking there is a through path there.

Plum Valley is very dark. I don’t know why. But I didn’t really like the environment inside because it kind of puts you to sleep?

It isn’t that cold today. Hope the weather stays as such.

Chinese new year songs keep playing on YES 933. I remember that they only play chinese new year songs on the radio during the actual chinese new year. Chinese new year in Singapore is actually very long ago, but somehow I still remember it as clearly as it was yesterday.

On Sundays, very few shops in this area are opened. Langtana is though and it is pretty good. A very charming lady served us when we went (at around 3pm). It was rather crowded still. She asked us if we could get anything to drink while we look at the menu. J got a flat white. Later, I got a Latte. Our drinks were very prettily made. They made the milk and coffee into a picture of a leaf/fern. Service was fast and good. The wall in front of me had posters that seemed to be advertising hip and happening stuff.


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