Everyday life

Must say that I’ve been in a terrible mood today. Firstly, didn’t sleep enough, secondly, something from the past came back to haunt me. Well I kinda knew it would never really go away but I didn’t expect it now. Probably because I didn’t have enough sleep. Sincerely hope that year of the Rabbit will be better than the year of the Tiger.

Yesterday was a massive cookout day.

Today, things go back to normal. School begins. As usual, Drayton is a nightmare with a constant stream of students going up and down the stairs to hand in their coursework. And of course, you have those people sitting down there at the tables trying to do work amid the din and disturbance. Have to admire them really.

It is so easy to walk along Oxford Street in London and get lost. Lose you identity, lose who you are, where you are from and just navigate this area. No one cares anyway, everyone is busy leading their own lives on the street and doing their own things.


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