Everyday life

Fell sick

Fell sick yesterday. That is my excuse for not posting yesterday. But I will do a recap of yesterday since it was pretty interesting.

Was sitting at the cafe at Bedford Way when I saw my lecturer walk in to order some food which made me wonder if all the staff in this building ate at this cafe. It must be rather sad to be eating (about) the same food everyday. There were people sitting on the sofa seats and using the laptops on their laps. It was about 230pm and relatively quiet. There was only one person manning the stall.

Was at the Anthropology section in the library and when I walked by this guy, I saw a girl in one of the windows on his computer and I wondered if that was his gf. Turned and looked at him and he was smiling discretely. I would like to think so because it is rather sweet.

I did not venture out of my house today at all. Just stayed at home and slept.


Since I can’t seem to start doing work now, I shall write about other things. Things that has to do with everyday life, but not as ‘flat’ as Perec suggests, instead, it will be rather biased, subjective, emotional. Yet at the same time, situated and embodied.

Been thinking alot about relationships recently. Partly because alot of people around me are going through important moments with relationships. From what I’ve seen so far, I conclude that being overseas makes it difficult for relationships to sustain. Two years ago, I was naive and idealistic, believing that LDR could work out by itself. But now, I know that things are not so simple. LDR requires alot of effort, it is very draining for the soul and it is very painful too. But it is not just LDR… problems also arise when you meet and fall for someone when overseas. Then, the future becomes very complicated and decisions have to be made about where everyone will end up eventually. Things get extremely messy. I sound really cynical here, don’t I. I think that relationships are alot about trying to understand and making sacrifices. Just because two people love each other doesn’t mean that everything will fall into place. Effort must still be made for things to work out. I hope I’ve become more mature.

I do enjoy writing. Feel like taking photos as well.


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