Everyday life

Today’s news

Work continues in Christchurch, New Zealand. Officially 75 people have been killed by the earthquake. Many more go missing. The death toll will rise as the search continues. Pray that the rescuers and survivors may have the strength to continue.

Worrying news in Libya. Situation in Tripoli sounds dire, given what little news that BBC can glean from there. Some parts of Libya has fallen under the hands of the opposition. I wonder where such areas will go from then on. If Gaddafi doesn’t step down soon, will civil war erupt? The people are going to suffer at the end of the day. Lots of shooting has been going on in Tripoli. Protesters are off the street now. What a different scene from that in Egypt!

Just realized that Fabregas is only 23! It makes me feel really old. Arsenal’s game with Stoke has left Walcott injured, which means he’ll miss out on Sunday’s Carling finals. Fabregas is a question mark. Here’s his tweet:

“I dont know if ill make sunday or no, but all i know is that from this moment to sunday 16’30 i wont sleep if its necessary. Ive waited……Too long to captain a final for arsenal and i wont give up till the last second.”

All the best Arsenal.


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