Everyday life

Work, not in the home

Today a friend mentioned to me that he can’t do work at home. Anything that is not leisure has to be finished in the library because once he gets home, he just can’t concentrate on work. He will play games, watch shoes, do anything else except sit down and focus on what he needs to do.

For him, home can only be  a place of leisure. Of course, his conception of home as a place of leisure could merely be a part of the reason why he can’t work at home. Other factors could be the multitude of distractions available in home, or it could be that the library is more conducive. All the same, it is funny how so many of us just cannot complete ‘work’ at home.

I used to be able to do this fairly well. But recently, too many distractions at ‘home’ means that I find myself moving more frequently to the library.

Being gracious is difficult work.

So is motivating people to support your events.

Fabregas just yawned during the 38th minute of FA cup, Arsenal vs Leyton. We are 2 up now and hopefully this stays up and we don’t get more injuries.


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