Everyday life

Woke up this morning to more bad news regarding the nuclear situation in Japan. Keeping fingers crossed for them.


There were people filming at the pigeon square today. One guy holding a big brush and another holding a big screen. They were there before 1pm and still there when it was about 2pm… Wonder what they are filming.

This girl was at the computers at the library today. In half an hour, she received almost 10 calls, some of which were right after another.

Prices of bread at Tescos has gone up. It used to be 67p but is now 75p. That’s a rather significant increase.

The audio system on the treadmill at ULU was spoilt today. I had to complete my run without listening to the news, which made me rather disappointed.

Woman was selling Big Issue at the corner of the street today. I was right next to her for a second.

The guy in front of me was buying a whole box of Krispy Kreme from Tescos.




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