Everyday life

‘crazy’ and ‘hoody’

Changed layout because I was bored. Have hit a wall after being rather consistent with my readings for the past two days.

So these were observations on bus 29 (again) last Friday, on my way back from Manor House to central London:


Dark-skinned man shouting streams of words that I could not decipher apart from f-ing, f-ing on the bus. He’s probably in this late thirties or early forties? He had a mustache. I couldn’t really see what he was wearing until he got off the bus. Some brown jacket. He walks funnily, as if with a limp.

About 3 passenger seats in front of him, there was another dark-skinned man, probably in his early to mid twenties? He had on a grey hoody and dark grey pants, dark blue shoes that look like sneakers. He was wearing a cap backwards and the cap was had a yellow face on it?

At one point in time, he said loudly, without turning around, ‘shut up’ to the crazy talking man. The crazy guy was quiet for a while, before the murmurings started again and became gradually louder and louder and he was shouting again, although not as profusely as before.

I really couldn’t make out what he was saying, despite straining to hear. I thought I heard ‘i shut up?’, ‘strawberry’, ‘i walk’ among the gibberish.

I noticed that he was wearing black shoes with black socks but with a red line at the edge.

He said ‘F- you’ a couple of times. I would love to have understood what he was saying.

As we approached Warren Street, hoody said ‘get off the bus’. i was shocked, thinking all along that hoody didn’t know the crazy guy, but apparently hoody did. other guy murmured something that sounded like ‘you’re killing me right?’.

When the bus stopped, hoody and crazy guy got off the bus and crazy guy walked behind hoody.


Despite knowing that I shouldn’t assume before I have amassed sufficient observations, I have unwittingly fallen into the ‘trap’ of analyzing and jumping to conclusions.


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