Everyday life

Musings on a hurtling train

Snippets of notes written on the train from London Paddington to St Ives


Trains are a great ay to travel. You get on, sleep in a comfy seat, and when you wake up, you can stare out at the lovely scenery. There is plenty of leg room as well.


The leaves look especially green today.


4 young people got on the train. They immediately took out their laptops. Girl has a 15 or 17 inch laptop. Black has a 15 inch. Grey has a 15 inch macbook pro, the old one with the aluminum keyboard. Jeans has the new macbook pro. I can’t tell what size it is. Girl is blonde, has on a green hoodie and has opened a word document window. Grey sitting across from her has on red slippers, black berms, a white band on his left wrist and white earphones. The apple kind. He was also wearing a grey beanie and a t-shirt and he had a ring on the third finger of his left hand. Black had on white ‘reef’ slippers, checked berms, a grey sweater, a black beanie and black earphones.


At Liestard, An old couple boarded the train. The lady was blonde and she was wearing a pink mac, sunglasses and gold earrings. The old man was holding a cane. He was wearing a grey sweater and he had on transition lenses which were dark at the moment. He motioned the lady to take the more comfortable seat while he sat on the more rigid and less cushioned one.


Cookie-cutter houses. Golden fields at daybreak. Constant hum of the train on tracks. Cottages perched on hillsides.


From St Austell back to St Ives

The sun hung low in the sky, floating gently on the horizon, cushioned all around by glowing clouds. As your eyes drift across the landscape, teh light turns into dull grey clouds that closely hug the land, bringing a promise of rain. The trees, tiny in the foreground, seems to exposed and fragile in the empty landscape.


Sitting in the train, sheltered, are hundreds of people hurtling through the land. A hundred dreams, a hundred silent voices, crossing rivers and other boundaries while the Earth unfold her splendour around us.


Dusk is stealthily fast. A few precious minutes where it rears its head and then it vanishes. Be sure to pay attention for it changes with every passing second, morphing and transforming right before you nose.


That glorious time
When flowers rise
And longer does the sun shine.

Books thrown aside
We say goodbye
To London. Hello countryside.

Friends surround
Glorious adventures found
All around our tiny town.

Dreams and possibilities
Laughter and the hint of tears
Let us embrace life and all our fears.

Born again, alive,
We know we try
To earn happiness in our lives.

(by Low J.H.)


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