Everyday life

Innovative spaces

Blasted internet has been so rubbish recently that I can’t get anything decent done at home. It takes like 5 minutes to load a page, and that is an optimistic perspective already.

So yes, yesterday, in school, I passed by a group of Muslim girls. I assumed they were Muslim because they all wore headscarves. Some were rather young. 10ish and some were rather old, 30ish? They seemed to be lead around by young men and women (1 in charge of each group), maybe taking a tour of UCL.

But anyway, I walked right past this lady who was talking on the phone. But she made such a brilliang use of her head scarf. I believe it is called the hijab. She placed her handphone between her ear and her headscarf such that it rested snugly there, leaving both of her hands free! I was so bemused by that sight I couldn’t stop laughing to myself. What a great reason to wear a headscarf! Especially for people like my mum, who talks on the phone for a few hours, and needs both hands free to do housework as well.

And things like ‘Thirdspace’ and Lefebvre’s triangulation of spaces popped into my mind. Talk about spaces of resistance and innovation! Of everydayness!

Sad news all around. Libya, Ivory Coast, Japan, these are but just some of the sufferings around the world. And here I am, going on a holiday.

Elections are coming up in Singapore. Exciting times.


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