Everyday life


Now that the internet is back (hopefully for good) and steady (relatively), I can resume my one post (at least) a day.

I jest. It’s not really the internet. There must have been countless other ways I could have sneaked in a post when I was at the library or in school in the past few days, but I did not. In truth, I’ve been preoccupied with work.

Or maybe it really is about the internet. Afterall, I do most of my posting just before midnight, when my brain has lost its energy and is slowly falling asleep.

Today, I’ll just ramble on, without a topic. Beginning, perhaps with yesterday’s match.

Jack Wilshere – you’re truly a brilliant young star and I do admire you most sincerely, but I do wish you could keep a lid on your temper. I know you’re still young and you’re a boy and you have much to learn, but certainly, keeping one’s cool is one of the greatest character that a sportsman can have.

Was disappointing because I watched it turn from 3-2 to 3-3 and it was just so frustrating knowing that the gunners couldn’t narrow the gap with ManU.

Second (possible) topic of today: weather’s been absolutely fantastic recently. Goes up to about 25 degrees by midday and a cool of 10ish by night. Comfortable enough to work around in skirts and shorts (without tights). There was once I dressed like I was back in Singapore.

It is a holiday tomorrow and already people have started partying. ‘Twas the first time I saw people partying in the bar downstairs. Like SERIOUS dancing. It was quite funny and I couldn’t help but smile at their enthusiasm.

A couple of tipsy people on the streets, making lots of noise and smelling like they had just accidentally spilled ethanol on themselves. Awesome really.


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