Everyday life

Thank you.

No matter the outcome of the elections, Singaporeans would already have won. Thank you PAP, thank you opposition and above all, thank you Singaporeans for making me so proud to be part of this country.

Finally, thank you to all the PRs and foreigners who are watching at the sidelines as well. Thank you for choosing to walk this chapter of your life in my country. You may not decide to stay here forever, you may decide to take you leave after a few years of work/education/leisure here. But in choosing to spend part of your life here, you have already contributed to our society, so thank you as well.


After some thinking, I have something to clarify. To many out there who are obviously trying to stir out trouble, shame on you. But I choose to believe that such myopic, insensitive people are the rare few who, unfortunately vocal, seems to be producing much ‘noise’.


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