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Slovenia’s tiny airport

Flew off to Ljubljana today. I have become familiar with flying alone. Going to the airport and handling all my luggage by myself, was not difficult for me.

Our flight was delayed in leaving. I think because the plane arrived only an hour before we were supposed to leave and re-fueling took too long. The plane probably then missed its designated taking-off slot and had to wait for the controller to allocate a time to take-off in the busy skies.

And then, we were delayed in landing. Apparently there was a thunderstorm directly over the airport and the pilot didn’t want to land. Well done. I was so afraid that I will miss the last bus to the city center.

I needn’t have worried. clearing the customs at the tiny airport took all of 5 minutes. Barely 100m away from the plane and I was out of the customs. The baggage area had less than 5 lanes and even 2 counters at the customs was enough to handle our sole flight that had landed. Tiny airport really.

An airport staff kindly pointed me to the airport transfer service, which to my delight, was only 9 euros. I was expected it to be 15 or 20 even. 9 was definitely desirable, since it was raining and I didn’t have a clue where the bus that was leaving in 15 minutes was anyway. And this old man would drive me directly to the hostel. Brilliant. I gave him 10 in the end. Don’t know why, but I felt sympathy for him.

So here I am, in Ljubljana, in ALIBI Hostel. In a 10 bed dorm – first ever in my entire life, waiting for my friend to arrive. I like Slovenia already. Flying in, you just feast your eyes on acres and acres of green. Lush valleys and snow-peaked mountains, terrain carved out my rivulets of water flows. Small houses dot the landscapes, in clusters of 10s and 20s. It really looks like a paradise to me.

Met a Hong Kong guy who seems chatty. Since I had nothing better to do, I spent some time talking to him. Discovered that we both studied in UK. Not surprising since I suspect most of the people here in Slovenia are from the UK. Seems like a favourite destination.

Details of the airport transfer to Ljubljana:

MNJ Transfer. http://www.mnj.si, info@mnj.si, +386(0)41644444

They do a door-to-door transfer. Great if you like chatty drivers because they one I had was chatty with lots of ‘advice’ to offer. Pity the lad sitting beside him at the front wasn’t so happy to talk.


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