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OpenCity London – some incredible films

What an incredible day.

Turned up to volunteer at the OpenCity London documentary film festival. Lots of amazing films to watch and I’m so lucky to be volunteering because this means that I get to watch the films for free!

The second screening I caught today was titled ‘Fire Burn Babylon’. The film, about Caribbean Rastafarians was illuminating, at the same time, shocking. I was honestly appalled at the way they treated women. Further, I found the way the lived their lives in London rather distasteful, and I couldn’t see how such a way of life followed the teachings of Rastafarian elders. And then the bit about the director’s personal relationship with one of the characters on the screen just completely threw me off. At the same time, it made the film so warm, so emotional and so real. It did give the film a sort of inconsistent film, where at some points it felt so personal, and at others, it felt more distant. To my utter delight, the truly inspiring director — Sarita, Lyndon and their son, were present for the Q&A. So, it was such a treat really, and I felt really fortunate to be there at that time.

Cocaine Unwrapped was the first screening that I ran with a full house. It was just incredible because people were willing to sit on the floors, have their view blocked by the irritating pillars, just so that they could catch the film. Honestly, I wasn’t blown away by the film. It did have a really important story to tell though and I’m glad it reached such a wide audience.

Then I caught the first hour of Detroit Wild City which was so beautifully shot. The synopsis describes it accurately by calling it “an exquisite, poetic meditation from artist, Florent Tillon on contemporary Detroit”. The music was fantastic as well, although I must say that the film was a little slow, and I was rather sleepy at that time, so my eyelids did close a few times.

The last film I caught has been my favourite thus far. It is called ‘I Shot My Love’ by Tomer Heymann. Simple, but so warm. It caught and held my attention throughout.


I think I may have screwed up one of the screenings and it seems like the last screening I did yesterday went awry as well? But I wasn’t there when the ‘crisis’ happened. I feel incredibly apologetic whenever something screws up because I keep thinking it is my fault, which it may sometimes be, but not all the time, right?




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