Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz, an Andrew Lloyd Webber production at the Palladium theatre is like my childhood come alive.

We got the day tickets for 25 quid and ended up in the very front row. This mean that we couldn’t really see the floor of the stage due to the high stage, but it meant that we had a great view of the orchestra and the conductor, who were very entertaining indeed.

The show started off in lots of brown, just like I remembered in the tape. The effects were wonderful and the actors moved seamlessly across the stage. Each movement, each word uttered served a particular purpose which captures the audiences’ attention.

Had my first look at Michael Crawford. He plays a character that is a pale shadow of what he used to play–the Phantom and as I tried to imagine him as the almighty and powerful phantom, I found that I couldn’t. But still, it was great seeing him up close, expressive, sincere, as the Wizard.

I think Danielle Hope played her part extremely well. Can’t say that I was impressed by her voice or the song. It isn’t exactly the powerful kind, but I really like the way she delivered both the song and her acting. Superb expressions, movements etc. Such a pleasure to have her as Dorothy.

I really enjoyed the Tinman, Scarecrow and the Lion’s part as well. The scarecrow was awesome in the way he made his body seemed entirely malleable. Remarkable really.

The production stayed rather true to the movie as I remembered. it. Which is wonderful because I recognized the songs that were taken from the movie and it is just a happy feeling, conjuring up memories of childhood. As when I watched it when I was young, I really did not like the part of the flying monkeys and the guards of the Wicked Witch’s castle. I thought the Wicked Witch was rather amusing though… she did a great job.

Ahh but the costumes, the glitter and finery. The set was very nice as well.

So truly, a very enjoyable evening.

Michael Crawford as Wizard
Danielle Hope as Dorothy
Edward Baker-Duly as Tin Man
David Ganly as Cowardly Lion
Paul Keating as Scarecrow
Emily Tierney as Glinda
Hannah Wadingham as the Witch
Stephen Scott as Uncle Henry
Helen Walsh as Aunt Em

and wonderful conductor and orchestra.


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