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Shanghai through tourist eyes

Went to M50, the place where one could find art galleries selling works done by Chinese artists. Would have loved to spend more time wandering about the many small galleries, but some people in our group were not as interested.

Weather today was insane. Officially, it was about 37 degree celsius but I’m sure at some points in time it hit 40 degree celsius.

Taxied to Jade Buddha Temple, met a very interesting person there. Later, we bumped into other participants on our trip.

The group split and I went to Ji’an Temple. But before that, had a great and cheap lunch near the temple. Ji’an Temple is much smaller and less things to see than Jade Buddha Temple. But anyways, it was too hot to really do much.

Went to People’s Garden, and was shocked to see notices carrying people’s particulars attached to the trees and the bushes. Some of these notices also carried the requirements that the prospective partner needed to have. I believed these notices were put up by parents.

Taxied to Yuyuan. Loads of people. Thankfully it was much cooler already. It is too much of a tourist spot for my liking.

Then we walked to The Bund. There were less people than the other two times that I was there, strangely. Walked and walked and walked until there was nothing left to see, or more precisely, we were not allowed to go near the banks–it was reserved for customers of the expensive hotels that lined the bank.

Headed to Xin Tian Di (to watch Wimbledon Finals).


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