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Giving up of seats

Still not entirely used to being back in Singapore.

Something I will look at an event or a person, and think about what it would be like back in London. For instance, I think about running to Regent’s Park/running around Regent’s park. I think of having cereal and chocolate milk or toasted bread with ham and cheese. I lament at the lack of croissants in ordinary bakeries. I can’t seem to find appetite for the kind of bread they have at the local bakeries.

The train on the EW line was different from the train on the NS line. The lights in the former were a continuous strip while the lights on the latter were divided into 5 parts and put together. There were 5 handholds in the former but 6 in the latter. The ‘danger’ sign used to be red. It has turned yellow now. I wonder why no one has requested for it to be changed.

I’ve seen people offer their seats on the MRT about thrice now. Once today, this lady offered to a pregnant lady while her boyfriend? continued sitting on the seat. The pregnant lady declined. Another time, a seat was offered to an old man carrying a child, but he declined as well, motioning that he was going off the next stop. The third time, I almost intervene. There were two rather elderly ladies standing in front of two young girls who were seated comfortably on the bench, playing with their handphones. Perhaps one of the girls suddenly looked up and saw the old ladies, for she stood up to offer the seat. The other continued scrutinizing her phone though.



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