Everyday life

lessons learnt

Some lessons that I’ve learnt from my future colleagues.

1. Sometimes, when people ask for low-lying fruits, just give it to them. These low-lying fruits are easy to reach (they require little effort), but they have immense rewards (people will appreciate that you’re doing work for them).

2. Sometimes, when people ask for something, it is important to understand why they have made such a request. At times, the solution that they have requested may not be feasible, but another solution can be offered such that their root problem is solved.

3. When handling unreasonable people or request, do not be frustrated or feel that they are undermining you. If you are able to keep calm, keep cool, throw the unreasonable request to others, see how the respond, ask for alternative solutions by others, at the same time being firm and explaining why such a request is unreasonable, you may find that you win more brownie points from others–for good handling of the issue, and for letting people come up with alternative solutions themselves (even though you may have already thought of it).



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