Everyday life

pulled tendon + leg cramp

Got off the bus and my foot twisted as it landed. Ended up with a pulled tendon at the ankle region.

I hobbled to one side and rotated my foot, praying that it wasn’t serious enough to prevent me from running. Thankfully, it wasn’t.

At about 15/16km, I was going to start running faster when my right calf cramped up. The pain shot up my leg and I was close to tears for a few seconds. I limped to the side and clung to the railing. Any movement sent shards of pain up my calf. I had trouble breathing and it was so painful that I cried out involuntarily.

No one stopped to ask how I was. For 3-4  minutes, tens of hundreds just ran past me.

Then this young man came up. I would probably estimate his age to be 20 at most. He was wearing a lime green shirt, sport shoes and holding a bag. I didn’t see the bag at first, and mistook him for a runner.

He asked if I was alright and told me to press the base of my foot against the railings. I did and the pain eased somewhat. At that point in time, the worst cramp had stopped anyways. But I really do appreciate his concern. It is nice to know that someone cares about a stranger like me.

Found out that he wasn’t a runner, but had been seeing people running by and was wondering what the occasion was.

Anyway, the timing is really lousy. I am in despair.

But the route was quite scenic. I just didn’t like that there were quite a few stretches where we had to run on the grass.

Btw, this is Marina 21k.


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