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Les Miserables 25th anniversary videos

Les Miserables 25th Anniversary. 

Drink With Me.

Hadley Fraser as Grantaire and Ramin Karimloo as Enjolras. Really like how Hadley Fraser delivered here. Can’t say the same for Nick Jonas. He sounded really pained singing his part.

Red and Black + Do you Hear the People Sing.

Ramin is absolutely wonderful here. The passion, the conviction, the excitement that Enjolras feels is so clearly written both on Ramin’s face and stamped into his voice. The way his voice vibrates really send chills down my spine. Hadley Fraser has reinvented the role of Grantaire (as opposed to the 10th anniversary one). Again, Nick Jonas’ performance pales in front of such great voices.

One Day More with the Original 1985 Cast.

Michael Ball and Colm Wilkinson just blew the audience away.

Look down + The Robbery

Gavroche is pretty good here! Ramin is just so awesome! Matt Lucas as Thenardier is really good as well! I do like Javert a lot too, although his voice isn’t that fantastic.

Bring Him Home by Alfie Boe. His voice is magic. Speechless.

Bring Him Home by Colm Wilkinson, John Owen Jones, Simon Bowman and Alfie Boe. What can I say? Amazing people with amazing voices. And when Alfie Boe opens his mouth to sing, my hair stands.


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