Everyday life

magnifying glass

Saw a female lying flat on the bench at one of the MRT stations. Her legs were dangling off the side of the bench and the bottom of her feet were touching the ground. Two other people were standing near here, watching on. A Malay MRT staff stood slightly further away, talking on the phone. I wondered what happened to her.


I was very disheartened by what I saw yesterday. I felt that many people were pushing forth their own agenda and their own interests. Further, I felt that many people were just not willing to listen. Honestly, I have no patience for close-minded people like that.


We were at Shunfu market. It was really quiet at the hawker center. There were less than 10 stalls operating at about 7pm in the evening. There were very few people as well. The men sitting at the edge of the hawker center, next to the railings next to the pedestrian path, intrigued me. There was two friends sitting facing inside the hawker center. They had beer on the table. They were of different race. The table beside them was occupied by 3 men–2 chinese and one-non chinese (Indian I think). The third guy, instead of sitting on the side of the table that was already occupied, chose to place a chair at the third side of the table (where there are no fixed chairs) and sit there instead, such that 3 out of 4 sides of the table are occupied now. They too had beer on the table.

Were they waiting for the Singapore-Malaysia match?


There was this young lady (younger than 40, late 20s early 30s?) that said ‘Thank You’. I am grateful, thankful and heartened by her comment.


We will stop progressing, the moment we think we know everything.


Reading Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein.


Singaporeans seem to be using their iphones predominantly for games.


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