Sungei Road after

Sungei Road flea market.

After half of the area was cordoned off.

You can see the red lines on the floor, which demarcate the 1m by 1m width that vendors have to adhere to.

To be fair, most of them limited the display of the wares to that small width area. But it was obvious that some were taking up more space than the others.

I felt also that the vendors in the centre, at the cross road of the markets, tended to be more aggressive and tended to take up more space.

It pains me to see them squashed so tightly together, sitting under their umbrellas, braving the weather elements. Had I the financial means and authority, I would persuade them to do something else rather than eke out a living in this manner.

Unfortunately for some, it isn’t so much about making the money, but that this could be the only way of life that they ever know or want.

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