Everyday life

Visa woes

Never knew that applying for a VISA could be so much trouble.

I should have started this whole process when I reached Singapore just before my birthday. Instead, I lazed around, got caught up with work, procrastinated, and only got things rolling after my work ended. Too late though. 9 weeks in Singapore and I wanted to get my visa done in 4 weeks. I didn’t give myself any breathing room at all.

So yes, I needed two documents to be sent to Imperial. These two documents could have been acquired before 1 Aug (when the transcripts were released).

1. Confirmation of degree award. UCL’s Statement of Award should suffice. I’ve requested for this, but just as a precaution (in case it isn’t what Imperial required), I’ve requested for a transcript as well. A transcript will definitely be sufficient.

2. Letter from sponsor stating that they would be sponsoring my education as well as living allowance. I could and should have gotten this a long time ago. Made the mistake of thinking that a scanned document would do. Unfortunately not. An original copy must be sent and I’ll have to do that tomorrow.

So now, I’ve done all that I can for the moment. Just need to check if I’m able to apply for a visa when I’m back in London. And make sure that I have all the relevant documents.



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