Everyday life


Buona Vista interchange looks ready to roll. I wish I could be there when the last stage of circle line is completed and begins operation. Unfortunately, I will be in London and can only celebrate LTA’s hard work from miles away.

A friend brought me around University Town. I confess that I felt extremely out of place. University life in Singapore is something entirely foreign to me. Singapore university students are also people that I do not think I understand much. And everyone seems so young! I felt old in comparison.

So this U-Town has its own Starbucks, and a take-away Fish and Co. I really like the architecture of the buildings and the layout of the place. It has a very airy feel to it, but with sufficient green spaces to create a relaxed atmosphere. Already, people are studying on the benches outside Starbucks.

The Ikea at Alexandra Road seems smaller than I had imagined. Or perhaps I had gotten too used to the huge Ikeas in London. Neither do they have the swedish meatballs. But they did have this cool ice-cream dispensing machine. Basically, when you purchase a $0.50 ice-cream from the cashier, she will give you a token which you insert into the ice-cream making machine. She also gives you an empty cone. Then you place the cone in the holder, and then press the button. The machine raises the cone to the top and dispenses the ice-cream neatly onto the cone. And there you have your ice-cream.

Saves labour costs doesn’t it?



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