Everyday life

the bus that never came

I needed to get to Adam Food Centre (by public transport).

The most straightforward way from my house is to cross the heavy vehicles car-park, Woodlands Road and take bus 170 from beside the road. However, it was late at night. About 10ish and I didn’t relish walking there in the dark, alone.

Hence, I decided to go to CCK to take a bus that would bring me to Bukit Panjang where I can then take a bus down to Bukit Timah. I thought it would be straightforward and I would reach in maximum an hour.

The MRT came quickly. But I had to wait 20minutes for 190 to arrive. This was at CCK bus interchange. I checked the schedule for 190 and it said 10-15 minutes for off-peak timings, but I definitely waited 20-25 mins before the bus arrived.

And then the driver drove like a mad-man. In less than 10 min, I had reached Bukit Panjang shopping centre where I waited for 171.

I waited for about half an hour to no avail. The schedule said 10-15 min as well, but since it wasn’t from the interchange, I gave it some allowance that it might have been delayed. But half an hour! I gave up in the end and took a cab instead.


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