Everyday life

SOD cashier

I’ve bought my Oolong Milk Tea from the SOD at the shopping centre near my place often enough to recognize this particular staff.

I think I’ve seen him at least 3 times. For at least the past 3 times when I purchased my bubble tea from there, I have been served by him. He’s in charge of the cashier. A smallish young Chinese boy (looks like a poly student) with hair that has been dyed a light brown. He has kept his fringe long such that I can imagine him having to fling it aside with a shrug of his head, when it covers his eyes and obscures his vision.

He’s always polite and serves me with a smile.

But I always wonder why is it that I always see him there. Does he not have to go to school? Also, he sounds Singaporean, and not Malaysian. Does he live around this place?

So many questions that linger on my tongue, unable to emerge.


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