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Food for Thought

A few steps lead up to a small entrance. The exterior of the shop was a whitish-cream colour. The theme was wooden. A few tables and chairs in front of the entrance, revealed the shop’s presence. But if you’re not looking for it, is pretty easy to miss it.

Food for Thought has an open kitchen concept. Such that once’s entrance into the shop is immediately spotted and acknowledged by the staff, with a warm welcome, even as they continue their tasks.

On the right hand side, is the bar/kitchen/cashier. On the left hand side, are some tables and chairs, with more at the end of the shop, giving rise to a ‘P’ seating plan.

The table was made of wood.

I had a latte, which I thought would be simple to produce. Alas, it was a while before it arrived. This led me to believe that there was only one staff doing the drinks, and that he was doing the drinks in order of purchase. Since the drinks before me were rather ‘complicated’, it took a while before he got down to making my latte. But it was a good latte. I haven’t had good coffee in a while, so I really appreciated this cup of coffee. There was just a little too much foam.

I had the chicken pesto sandwich. Unfortunately, very unimpressive. Perhaps the best thing on the plate was the pesto covered tomato. The chicken (breast) was too hard and tasteless. Having cooked chicken breast before, I cannot fathom how they could have produced one that is as unappetizing as this. Chicken was cold, so was the aubergine, which, bless them, was fully cooked. Bread was cold as well, though it had a nice texture. All in all, the sandwiches that my housemates make will win these hands down.

Food aside, I really like the concept of setting up the place as a social enterprise. These are the kind of things we need in Singapore. Individuals and businesses to step up an contribute to the society, without the prodding of the government.




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