Everyday life


Touched down at Heathrow Terminal 3 yesterday at about 7pm. Heathrow has got to be one of my least favourite airports. Old, crowded, grey, long queues at the customs…

The flight had been long and bumpy. I was thankful when the plane finally stopped moving.

The queue at the immigration was long as usual. I think I spent about half an hour waiting while the British passport holders zoomed past. There were families with children in the queue and I wondered why they weren’t given priority at the immigration.

I spotted my luggage the moment I came to the baggage reclaim area. After that, it was a short walk out of the airport. As usual, there are tons of people waiting at the tiny waiting area.

I made my way to the trains platform. At the ticket machine, the machine ate up my £6! But honestly I was more annoyed with the fact that it refused to accept my notes as well. Thankfully, there was a staff around–probably because the machine’s been rather problematic today–he was helping another lady (I overhead that he gave them a free upgrade to first class on Heathrow Express).

I explained the situation to him and he very kindly offered me a free one way Heathrow Express ticket. Well, not exactly free, since I paid about £6.80 to the faulty machine. But it was great because Heathrow Express was much faster than Heathrow Connect and I didn’t have to wait as long.

I arrived at Paddington in good time. I don’t know why is it that train stations in the UK always tend to be incredibly cold. Hopped onto a black cab and soon I had reached my apartment.

After wrestling with the front door for a good 10 mins, I finally got into the apartment.

It is good to be home! 

For truly, this place has become my second home.


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