Everyday life


Things Londoners do

1. Running along the river Thames

2. Lying down on the grass next to Tower Bridge

3. Watching Tower Bridge’s motorised path lift to allow ships to pass through

4. Spotting the other Singaporeans exploring London

5. Having to pay 50p just to get into the toilet.

6. Drinking beer outside a pub, in a tiny space demarcated by railings, surrounded by males and only males.

7. Eating dinner at a nice restaurant, where 60-70% of the customers are female.

8. Soccer.

9. Musicals

10. Cross the roads without using traffic lights

11. Eating a sandwich on the steps of some random building or on a bench in the park/on the streets.

12. Walking. A lot.

13. Queuing for grilled sausage/burger at Burough market.

14. Drinking Monmouth coffee.

15. Crossing Millennium Bridge, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Waterloo Bridge, Southwark Bridge.

16. Falling in love in the city, with the city.


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