Everyday life

Saturday in London

The roads in my area are really empty on weekends. Which makes it difficult to get a cab. Further, I’m not sure if it is possible to flag a cab along Euston Road. It does seem rather dangerous, with vehicles traveling quite quickly on the 3-4 lane road. Hence, I took my family to Euston station to get a cab. The taxi stand is below the station though, which makes it slightly inconvenient to get to.

You can sit 5 people in a London cab. Luggage can be placed in front beside the driver. I do agree with some who say that London cabs look much bigger on the outside than the inside.

Euston station to Paddington costs about £10.

A single Heathrow Express ticket costs £18 (i think). Expensive really, but it is quick and comfortable.

The tube was relatively empty.

It was, after all, the weekend.

The post office was empty as well.

There was just one other customer apart from me. She left soon after I entered the shop. But then as I was about to leave, someone else came.


Soho was crowded, full of people.

The queue outside Koya is scary. There were about 20 people waiting to enter the shop. So was the queue outside Busaba Thai, at around 9pm. There were still about 10 odd people waiting to enter.

We had dinner at TPT. I really do like their Char Siew and Siew York (烧肉). Their service isn’t really that good though. But I’ve come to accept that as part of Chinese culture. Chinese just don’t value service.

They hung up a few huge lanterns in Chinatown.


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