Les Miserables

Watched Les Miserables at the Queen’s Theatre in West End, London for the second time in my entire life, the third Les Miserables live that I’ve watched (the second being the 25th anniversary at the O2).

We were 4 rows from the back, Upper Circle. Those seats cost £32.50 and were bought from the box office on the day itself. Since the theatre isn’t very big, I could actually see the stage quite clearly, although the left corner was slightly cut off. But I couldn’t make out the actors/actresses faces though. Still, their voices filled the theatre.

Hearing the music again, watching them act out the scenes, these are precious moments that I won’t forget.

The starting was slightly marred by the spectators sitting in the row in front of me. The two girls seated diagonally to my left and right kept playing with their phones. In the darkly lit room, their white lighted phone screens were an unwelcome distraction. They did get told off later by the staff.

Personally, I think it is a crime not to give Les Miserables your 100% attention. It is just so good.

There was a sign outside the stage door saying that Alfie Boe would not be signing autographs today. We still did try to catch him though. I thought to just catch a glimpse of him as he walked out, but he didn’t even appear. Must have left immediately after the show.

Did catch a good glimpse of Marius though, a charming blond guy who waved to the ‘fans’ before turning round the corner towards Leicester Square.

My friends and I really liked Craig Mather, the guy who played Marius today. He did justice to Empty Chairs and Empty Tables and his duets were all very nice.

Loved Alexia Khadime as well. Her voice has such a unique quality and she’s pretty as well.

Hadley Fraser wasn’t performing today though. But his understudy? was good too.


It was 27 degree celsius in London today. Went for a run to Primrose Hill and as I was leaving the park, I saw people streaming in to enjoy the sunshine. It was a mite too bright though. The construction at the top of Primrose Hill was still going on. Doesn’t seem to have progressed much.

Was at Cafe Concerto along Tottenham Court Road. There were just 4 tables of customers inside. We were a little surprised since it was the lunch hour. We had cakes and the Cream Tea set. The scones and clotted cream is pretty decent. Strawberry jam is the same one that is served at Patisserie Valerie. They also had two additional small tarts that tasted really nice actually. I had a pot of Organic Earl Grey that came from the tea bag and was just really unmemorable.

Their pastries are nice, although perhaps on the pricier side.

Walking back from Soho, I was struck by the number of people on the streets. They all seem rather young actually, my age or even younger. I thought I detected some from my country as well.

Standing outside bars, dressed nicely, going somewhere… hm….

There was a security alert at Goodge Street station, Tottenham Court Road today. They cordoned off the stretch of Tottenham Court Road between Torrington Place and Goodge Street. We had to skirt around to the back to return to Scala House. No one at the scene really knew what was going on. It was only when I checked Twitter that I found out. There were police cars inside the cordon area and I saw some policemen running around. Others were diverting traffic and trying to ensure that people didn’t walk into the cordon area–which a lot of people did initially, when they were setting up the cordon.

Apparently people were stuck in Starbucks and were given free coffee.


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