Railway Children

The Railway Children is currently showing at the theatre at Waterloo. The theatre is slightly unique, being at the former Eurostar station. The audience is seated on either sides of the ‘platforms’ and the train tracks form the centre of the stage. Additional wheelable wooden ‘stages’ connect the two platforms together and these are wheeled by the crew, who do so with much enthusiasm.

The audience wasn’t very packed though, perhaps just about half full. I would like to think that we were pretty enthusiastic and participative though.

The story was a lovely, heartwarming one and the actors and actresses were just so good. Their exuberance, emotions and humour kept me hooked onto the story.

They even had a real train come onto the stage!

I also do like the lighting and the props. At different times, the yellow/gold light would change to a blue one. Music was good as well.

We bought best available tickets from and we ended up on Platform 1, right at the very first row, in the middle. Lucky for us.

London’s weather has been insanely hot recently. It is almost unbearable to stand in the sun. The scorching rays really sting one’s eyes and gives me a headache. I swear it is more than 30 degree celsius under the sun. We ran to the shade whenever we could.

Discovered how to yank out the barclays bikes (the ones that cannot be pulled up easily). One has to lift the back wheel slightly, by holding onto the bar just below the seat. And then one pulls really hard. Bike is sure to come out.

The Barclays bike is really very heavy and it took alot of energy to keep it moving.

London’s 1 way streets make it really difficult to navigate.

Went to Chin Chin Lab at Camden Lock. Expensive but yummy ice-cream made from liquid nitrogen.

Had really expensive Taro Milk Tea (with pearls) at a price of £3.20 at Camden Lock, and we went around sampling the food that the stalls were giving out to try.

Love the atmosphere among the stall owners.


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