Everyday life


Went to Castle Climbing centre today.

Took bus 29 back. I’ve almost forgotten how weird people on bus 29 are. It took me just a minute to remember. Yep, there are all sorts of characters on bus 29.

But anyway, about climbing.

We arrived there close to 3, but there were already quite alot of people at castle. I don’t remember there being so many people on a weekday, at that particular time, especially not a Friday. In my memory, most people come rather late on Fridays, since the concession applies for the whole day.

But perhaps it was freshers week.

I did see alot of UCL climbers and did chat to some ‘new’ UCL climbers.

Castle is really boulder heaven. The bouldering in Singapore is a bit too difficult for me and also, there are not that many variations. But here at castle, there are all kinds of routes that require different skills, techniques etc. There are the two standard, slight protrusion in the middle. There’s always one at the corner. There’s one flat up against the wall, and there’s one for the overhang. And then you have the slopers, the volumes. Routes ranging from V0 to V6. All that on 1 single wall. We did a couple of Vo-, V0-V1 and blue routes at the bottom before moving to the inclined wall.

The inclined wall is one of my favourite because it tests confidence and balance. Since the wall leans forward (at portions), it is not that easy to fall off. And there is alot about trusting that your feet can take the weight. Had great fun on this wall, doing a couple of Vo-V1. Perhaps by the end of the year I’ll be able to do V0-V3.

Went up to the top level and did just 2 climbs with the features. I do like the features as well, but there’s lots of overhang for that.

The traverse is still there, still hasn’t changed and the overhang is still as intimidating as ever.

After climbing in Singapore, I do appreciate the Castle alot more.


I was on the tube today, passing by Victoria station, when the train driver made an announcement, “there is an emergency at Victoria station and the station is being evacuated. The train will not be stopping at this station”.

Some people looked visibly shocked, but there was only a sight murmur and rustle of feet as people returned to their seats and waited to alight at the next stop–Sloane Square.



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