Everyday life


London is cold today.

You see many girls on the streets wearing their winter coats.

Military, trench, duffel.

There is a new shop along Tottenham Court Road–Greggs. It is at least twice the size of the Greggs at Goodge Street. There are chairs inside the shop, next to a long strip of counter. The second time I walked past it, there was a staff standing outside, holding a plate of ham and cheese (maybe) buns. She had about 5 on her plate. The two people she approached turned down her offers to try the buns.

Peak District was raining on Saturday morning.

Reached Stanage about half past 9. It started drizzling about 10 and the drizzle became a steady rain that lasted till about 1pm.

But then in the afternoon the sky cleared up and it was beautiful.

The Peaks granted us with good weather on Sunday.

Clear skies, with maybe an occasional cloud. It was cold, especially when the wind blew, but it was dry and the sun clung on to the sky for the whole day.

There is an office near my place that is situated on the ground floor. The windows are made of clear glass, such that pedestrians from outside are able to look directly into the office and see the people working inside.

It seems to be an architecture/planning firm.

They have models and plans littered around their office.

I always wonder if the workers are able to see the pedestrians outside. They never seem to even take a glance outside on the street.

On the other hand, I’m pretty sure pedestrians often peer inside to see what they are working on.

Somehow the services dotted around the country seem like copies of each other.

They are predictable.

Follow the signs.

Find a parking spot. Preferably as close to the entrance of the enclosed building as possible.

Enter the double automatic doors.

Find the sign that points to the toilet.

Find clean toilets with amazing hand-dryers.

Exit toilet.

Find a small supermarket. Could be anything from WHSmith to Marks and Spencer.

Find a fast-food franchise counter operated by big fast-food names like MacDonalds, Burger King, KFC etc.

Find a table that is perhaps not too clean, not too big.

Find a slightly ‘posher’ eatery that serves coffee and tea as well.

Find brochures lying around in the building.

Find some sort of gaming center.

Head back to the car.

Drive off.

Is there a conspiracy to make Services as similar as possible? So that people know what to expect, so that they can have something familiar to work with?

Each vehicle is driven by an individual person who makes all sorts of decisions regarding the traffic.


One thought on “Services

  1. that’s make! the people inside sometimes look out, but only very rarely. there’s a chinese woman in there who always seems to be working..

    lovely peak district photos btw.

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