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Latimer Road versus Ladbroke Grove

Latimer Road and Ladbroke Grove. These two tube stations are but just one stop away from each other. Yet their surroundings are so different!

Latimer Road is pretty quiet. There are maybe about 5 people exiting from the tube station? They only have 3 gantries as well (I think). In front of the tube entrance is a rather small road. Big enough that it is serviced by a bus, but small enough that two cars will have difficulties driving side by side along it.

There are some shops around at the side, but it is mostly residential. At least that’s the case on the side nearer to Westway.

Ladbroke Grove on the other hand, is so busy. Opposite the station there is a Chicken Cottage. On the left of the entrance, there is a Sainsbury. And all around the station are little shops/cafes and people walking around, going about their own business.

The traffic light nearest to the station is similar to the one near Great Portland Street station. The pedestrian crossing’s signals are located close to the place where you push the button for the green man.

There seemed to be deliberate attempts to spruce up the flyover going overhead at the traffic junction. So there is a flyover (I think) that goes above the traffic junction, which kind of creates a shelter/roof across the street. What happens is that light is blocked out, so it may get a little dark. You also tend to get rather dirty walls on the side, that are damp as well. So what was done in this case was that the walls were brightly decorated with stripes of bright warm colours like pink yellow green and white. And then underneath the flyover/bridge, they pasted silver sheets on it such that instead of brown, dirty concrete, you see these shiny silver stuff.

It makes the whole place more attractive.

Amazing what little things like that can do.


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