Everyday life


What a cold day it is today.

And cloudy as well.

At Tescos, the mushrooms were reduced to clear. From £1 to 0.75p. There were at least 5 packets of reduced to clear mushrooms there. Selected vegetables were 1 for 1. I couldn’t find the beans that were part of the offer though. Could only see Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts and Broccoli.

Bought Mocha from the union at UCL. If I hadn’t ordered Mocha, I wouldn’t think that it was Mocha. They have such a wide selection of sweets and pastries at the counter.

That friendly security guard wasn’t at Bartlett when I went there this afternoon.

There were a few people sitting by themselves at the North cloisters, on the benches near the window. There was a group of students standing in the middle. One of them was trying to take a picture of the two people in the middle of the circle. One was a really tall guy, the other was a much shorter, East Asian girl.

Despite the cold, there were still quite a number of people sitting at the Portico, having their lunch.

Around 4pm. Outside Goodge Street station. Evening Standard distributor, wearing a bright orange shirt, wheels out a stack of newspaper onto the pavement.

Chuggers in blue on the street.

Less than 50 metres away from each other, are two Cafe Neros, one Starbucks and one Costa. The Cafe Nero right next to Costa look really empty in comparison. The huge glass walls of Costa makes it easy to look into the shop. From the outside, it looks warm and comfortable. The other Cafe Nero seems to have more people than the one next to Costa.



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