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Thames Hub (Halcrow and Foster + Partners)

So today, some people from Halcrow came to make a presentation.

Imagine an integrated transport hub in the UK, which combines both land sea and air. Throw in flood protection, housing, cable lines and you have a mega-project in the regions of billions and a horizon of 20-30 years.

This is their website for the Thames Hub: http://www.halcrow.com/Thames-Hub/

I admit that I’ve been completely taken by their idea. Firstly, I like the idea of investing in infrastructure, particularly public transport infrastructure. Not only is it a great way to create jobs, but it can also promote economic growth, improve the environment by (hopefully) reducing reliance on private transport. Secondly, I do think that the transport system in UK needs to be improved. This refers not only to the airports but also to the rail network. Don’t know too much about ports, so can’t comment. Thirdly, although they will reap huge monetary benefits from the project if it goes through, I don’t feel that their primary motivation is money as much as it is the desire to promote economic competitiveness in the UK through enhancing infrastructure. There are worse things that can be done than investing money in infrastructure.

Would be extremely interesting to see what happens to the proposal and it would be fascinating to see the project take shape.




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