Everyday life

state of the world

It is like the black clouds that loom overhead.

Like the prelude to a thunderstorm.

When the thunder begins as a low rumble in the distant, and slowly grows in volume, culminating in a thunderous roar.

And then the wind around you picks up, whipping up leaves and dust, making a mess of your hair and threatening to blow you off course.

Before you know it, large raindrops hit your head and face viciously.

You look around for shelter, but there is none in the vicinity, and so you run, run anywhere just to avoid the imminent merciless rain.

You run, but there isn’t really anywhere to hide.

You see people pushing for their own agenda all the time. And because they are knowledgeable and powerful and influential, they get away with it. And often, their authority and position is reinforced, and they push forth their agenda again.

What is wrong with spinning money from money?

Why is there so much excess and waste in the world. We consume much more food than our body actually  needs. Portions outside are a standard size, no matter the appetite of the consumer. But surely not everyone eats the same amount. How much gets wasted at every meal?

True, cities are densely packed places which makes delivery of services more efficient and effective.

But cities are also places where the individual is so disconnected with the source of the goods that they are consuming that they couldn’t care less the impact of their consumption on the environment. Cities are like giant hungry monsters that pull in all the resources and spit out so much waste.

So much waste.

It’s called commodity chains.

We don’t think about that when we buy a packet of nicely packages strawberries from Sainsbury or Tescos. Or those milk that come in bottles that range from a tiny size to a large one. The worst are the sweet stuff that is just one packaging within another packaging. Plastic, cardboard all gets thrown away at the end.

This should be an apolitical virtual space, but I have to say that people who write off climate change as ‘bullshit’ have serious issues.

The vocal minority and silent majority.

Has been and always will be.


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