Everyday life

Pension strike (UCL)

How fast did the clouds move? They’ve covered the entire sky now.

Popped by UCL just before 12 and the sky was half grey/half blue.

There were people standing outside the gate to the Quad, giving out stickers and posters to anyone walking by/into UCL.

The poster says “Day of action to defend public sector pensions” and “Stop the great pensions robbery”. The little sticker that they were giving out says “Fair pensions for all” with a “UCU” in the middle of the round sticker. They’ve somehow decided that pink will be the theme to go with. Pink and purple.

Before I left the quad, some other ‘strikers’ approached those at the picket line (can I call it a picket line?) and saying “we’re going to march from (somewhere) now, do you wanna come and join us”, to which I think someone said “no, we’re going to stay here”. Two of them were carrying a largish sort of banner on poles.

There were still lots of people around campus for a 11.30am sort of time. Couldn’t really tell if it was a normal number or not. Certainly there were people just standing at the quad, looking around, waiting, perhaps.


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