Everyday life

We had tried to get day tickets for War Horse for a few times now, but with no luck. So we decided to book the tickets in advance. The £25 stalls tickets weren’t available until about 2 months after the booking date, so it was almost 2 months after booking War Horse that we finally get to watch it.

We were seated in the second row, right at the edge of the theatre. This meant that we didn’t get the full frontal view, but the good thing about the theatre was that it stretched quite wide, and the actors took care to try and face everyone so it wasn’t obscured or anything.

The story is about two brothers, who have some silly personal feud. That resulted in one of the brothers coming to own a colt, to which his son, Albert to an immense liking to. The horse, Joey and Albert became very close and Albert couldn’t imagine being apart from Joey. But the war broke out with the Germans and horses could fetch a high price. Albert’s Dad sold Joey off to the British cavalry. Albert was initially persuaded to let Joey go, but an incident fired his determination to look for Joey. So he ran off to join the army and tried to find his horse. Many independent events unfolded in Joey and Albert’s lives as they tried to find each other in the war.

The music was lovely. This old man will come out with an accordion and sing with the most heartfelt and soulful voice. The horses and birds were all ‘puppets’ controlled by people, and while they didn’t look too much like a horse, they sounded and they moved exactly like a horse. The people that were playing the roles of the animals were just amazing.

When the animals get injured in the story, your heart cringes because they seem so real.

I can totally see why it is so hard to get tickets for the play. It is just really good.


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