Everyday life


This morning when I turned on the radio and went to the BBC website, it was all about how UK had vetoed the EU Treaty. Was it a right or wrong decision by the UK? Only time will tell.

12.50pm. Bus stop outside UCL Main Quad. Two Bus 73 passed by before 1 Bus 24 arrived. Bus stopped in front of the pole, before the bus stop shelter. 3 people (including me) boarded the bus. It took me about 20 minutes to get to the intersection of Charing Cross Road and Shaftesbury. Traffic was really bad. Going down Gower Street took about 10 minutes. It took at least 5 minutes to reach Torrington Place. Part of the road capacity was taken up by road works on Gower Street, on the left side of the lane.

So the term “shared space” is new even though the concept isn’t. Perhaps if we go back far enough in history, the idea of separation of space was unique then. Like work and home… they weren’t separated in the past.

Dim Sum at Superstar is always very satisfying. Not only is in nearby (in Chinatown), cheap, but the food is relatively good. Except that today the glutinous rice wasn’t very nice. But I love the egg tarts (I like all kinds anyway) and the fried custard buns.

There’s a huge lantern somewhere in Chinatown. I wonder what it is for. 冬至? Chinese New Year is still quite a way to go.

It is cold in London today. Dry, cold and windy.


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