The Moving Castle

Two women in the lift. One reading off directions from a notebook dug out from her bag. “South on Goodge and ….. on …… ” The other woman says “Great, now which way is South?” The first women laughs and says “I haven’t got a clue. I saw it on Google Maps and just wrote down what I saw, check the sun maybe?”

And I understood just what she meant. When looking at maps, it is so easy to take down the directions by NSEW. But when you’re actually on the ground, it is hard to know where is NSEW. And in London, the street signs don’t say, not like in China or Hong Kong.

They exited from the station and stood along Tottenham Court Road. I was about to tell them South is on the right when this other guy walked past them, saying “you want to go to the right”.

They said “Thank you” to him and to each other said, “How did he know that”, “He must have heard us”.

I was really tempted to say, yeah of course. The lift is so small and you guys weren’t exactly whispering.

And then they muttered something about how they thought he was American. I couldn’t hear really for I had walked past them.

Post office at Newman Street. It was around 3pm. I had decided to go for a walk because my course had left me fuming mad.

There was a queue of about 10 people, with maybe 4 cashiers opened. The queue moved fairly quickly. Many people had parcels to send. I was one of the few holding just two envelopes. The guy behind me was literally carrying a plastic bag of packages to send off.

Southwark Playhouse smells exactly like The Arch. Maybe it is because they are just right next to each other. The theatre is actually really cool.

So we were all seated down and then the usher comes in holding ticket stubs and says to the audience “I think there are two people here that have come to watch Canterbury Tales. I’m afraid this is Howl’s moving castle”. And chuckles and giggles erupted from the audience.

Howl’s moving castle was really quite strange. It didn’t help that it is a strange story. I’ve read the book and watched the movie before, but I never do quite understand the story. The acting by Howl was a bit too dramatic, not quite the same as the Howl in the movie, but alright I guess. I love the old Sophie’s acting. Young Sophie was a bit strange… too coy.

They cut the story short, and changed certain bits. The biggest difference I found was with the ending. Calcifer was supposed to be returned to Howl’s heart, but he didn’t. And the way Sophie became young… her experience at the lake, seeing Howl, that wasn’t shown as well.

The play was a little too short.

But nevertheless, I really like all the lighting effects they had. The music complemented the play, but it wasn’t fantastic, which is a pity because the movie had really good music.

I wouldn’t say it was a fantastic play, but I liked it and I did enjoy it.


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