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The Jubilee line is the only line in London that reminds me of Singapore’s MRT lines. Traveling along the Jubilee line sounds exactly like traveling along the underground portions of the MRT tracks in Singapore.

I love the spacious platforms along the Jubilee stations. A far cry from the narrow, unprotected platforms on most other lines.

Cycled to South Ken the other day, without wearing gloves. Big mistake. My advice to anyone planning to cycle in temperatures around 5 degree celsius or lower, to wear a pair of gloves. A hat is also highly recommended. Really regretted not wearing gloves.

五月天’s album is coming out soon. Can’t wait.

I wish Ramin Karimloo and Hadley Fraser would release an album for Sheytoons as well. They produce really great music. But I guess both are really busy with Les Miserables right now.

Florence and the Time Machine are having a concert in March (I think) 2012.

Music is such a lovely thing.

Went to The Arch climbing centre at London Bridge on a Sunday. Compared to one Friday night that I’ve been there, it was so much quieter. It wasn’t too late either, about 1pm in the day.

Love the climbing at The Arch. There are so many different walls and routes that are so lovely to try.

It is white+green, pink, blue, green in increasing difficulty. But some walls are harder than others, and some of them are graded V-.

I used to think Singapore is quite neo-liberal. But I realize, we’re not. Compared to the UK, we must seem very socialist, even though we don’t have things like minimum wages (do we?) and unemployment benefits.

Great weather in London for the past two days.


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