Everyday life


Finally managed to re-visit “Forgotten Spaces” at Somerset House. We went in by the Strand entrance and it was so difficult to get to the embankment entrance. We must have walked somewhere we were not allowed to the last time.

The climbing wall idea got 2nd prize. The first prize idea is really cool. It was to make use of the spires of churches, turning them into low-rent spaces for artists, writers etc etc.

It connects the space to the past, but also is a a step towards the future. I like it.

There weren’t too many people there this time. I suppose it is because it is a weekday and in the afternoon.

Walked by the Southbank, they had a christmas market there. Not as crowded as winter wonderland, but lots of food, mulled wine and Gluwein as well. And stalls selling the prettiest things.

Everywhere around London, you see people taking out their cameras and taking pictures of the lovely christmas lights.

London is turning warmer. 6-9 degree celsius today, according to my laptop. That’s the warmest winter in the last 4 years.


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