Everyday life

The horrible tube

I”ve seen rats in the tube stations before. Lots of time.

Charing Cross tube station is like the nest of the rats. I try not to look at them scurrying between the railway tracks and I always have to resist a shudder when I spy one sneaking away.

Sneaking. That’s what they always seem to be doing.

But this is the first time I’ve seen rats on the staircases and on the platform. Was walking down the steps to the Northern line, Charing Cross branch at Euston when I saw this tiny thing moving down the steps. I knew it was a rat. What else can it be but a rat. And I was petrified.

Stood there, debating whether to go down when I saw more rats running along the platform. Absolutely disgusting. Finally got onto the platform, stood in the middle between the two directions and then this audacious rat ran really close to us and I couldn’t help but scream.

I do so hate rats!



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