Everyday life

Empty streets

So I took the Boris bikes and went cycling on 24th December and the 26th December. Both times was after a run.

24th December

Warm and dry day. Streets were empty of both people and vehicles, even bicycles. I don’t ever remember seeing Euston Road so empty. I still stuck to the pavement most of the times, but I thought that perhaps the air was much fresher and cleaner.

Ran into Regent’s Park. There were very few people walking around. I encountered maybe about 10 individuals and groups in the park. Ran down the broadwalk and then back. Crossing the roads was so easy.

Reached home and discovered that I had dropped one of my gloves. Didn’t fancy sprinting all the way back again, so took the Barclays bike and went off. Was in my running attire and hence became a little cold. Also, couldn’t cycle very fast because I was keeping a lookout for my glove. Thankfully there were few cars on the road, which made cycling slowly easy.

Finally found my glove at the start of the Broadwalk at Regent’s Park.

26th December

Regent’s Park was slightly more crowded than on the 24th. People were walking in and out of the parks. There were families pushing prams and teenagers looking as if they were going to play in the fields.

There were also more cars on the road, but still a lot less than usual. Euston Road did feel pretty busy, although not as busy as it usually is.

But cycling was a dream.

Took the bike from Scala Street, turned into Goodge Street, and then turned onto Tottenham Court Road. This is my first time every turning from Goodge Street to Tottenham Court Road. I never dared to do it before because TCR is always really busy with cars, buses and other cyclists who are going at really high speeds. But today, the road was empty enough that I comfortably and confidently turned out, changed like three lanes and then turned in at Torrington Place. It did feel a little weird cycling contra-flow at first.

This is my first time cycling the whole cycle-lane from Torrington Place to Tavistock Place. It’s about a good 5 minutes worth of cycling and because there were so few cars and pedestrians, it was a very smooth journey with very little disruptions and few (there were still some) clueless and unaware tourists walking on the cycle paths and crossing the cycle lanes without looking.

But really, undisrupted cycle lanes on relatively car-less roads are really a pleasure to cycle on.


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