Everyday life


So there were engineering works on the District Line today.

So I thought, yeah, its only one line, I’ll just find my way to the Piccadilly line. I’ll cycle to one of the stations! And then I remembered that the route to Russell Square was really nice, so I thought I’ll take the Barclays bike there.

On my way down, I thought hang on, from Russell Square, it is three more stops to Leicester Square, which is the same distance from Russell Square, so why don’t I cycle to Leicester Square instead.

When I alighted at Leicester Square, walked over to the tube station and entered the tube station and saw “Northern Line”, I felt incredibly stupid. Now why didn’t I just take the Northern line down from Goodge Street to Leicester Square?

And then on the way back home, I looked up, saw and heard Piccadilly Circus, not registering that Leicester Square was the stop after. So I returned to my book, and by the time I realize that Leicester Square was really close to Piccadilly Circus, looked up, the tube doors were already closing.

Got off at Covent Garden instead and endured a very windy walk back towards Leicester Square where I caught bus 24 back home. There was a guy playing the banjolin on the bus, and his friend beside him was giving him suggestions on the lyrics. And this old chinese lady boarded the bus with me. She was carrying a few packets of rice in a plastic bag and I just wondered when she bought them. Surely all the shops are closed now.



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