Matilda, the Musical

Everyday, they release 8 £5 tickets per show. If there is a matinee and an evening show that day, there will be 15 £5 tickets available for grabs on that day itself.

The box office opens at 10.00am. Today, when we went to Covent Garden to queue for the tickets, there were already 14 people in the line at 8.00am. Then two people in front of us left, and the person queueing behind us left as well. At about 8.30, two people came to queue behind us. As time passed, the queue continued even though there were already 16 people in the queue.

Sitting down on the streets of Covent Garden in the early hours of the morning, reading a book from my kindle, is truly an experience. You see commuters on their bicycles, hardly needing to look out for traffic. You see people dragging their rubbish through the streets. You witness the rubbish truck coming along and the noisy loud clatter of glass as they crash to the bottom of the pile. Cafe Nero, right opposite the theatre, made some business from the people queuing.

At around 9am, the theatre started to stir as people reported for work and the vacuum cleaner hummed as the staff cleaned the compound. The gates were still padlocked and people continued to join the queue.

At about 10 to 10am, almost everyone in the queue got up, and I stamped my feet vigorously to warm my poor frozen toes up. Then, the box office opened and the queue of people made their way to the theatre.

The three of us were lucky in that we got 3 out of 4 of the remaining matinee tickets. There was only 1 ticket left for the evening show when we requested for it. Luckily for us, our cashier reserved it in time for us. The couple behind us were not so lucky and were a few seconds behind and had to choose between 1 ticket for matinee and 1 ticket for the evening show. I felt so sorry for them, but I couldn’t bear giving up my ticket.

Went off for warm soya bean drink and char siew bun after that.

The opening scene set the standard for the rest of the show.

Brilliant choreography, lovely music, great vocals by Miss Jenny (the guy wasn’t too bad as well), fantastic acting from Miss Trunchbull and the rest of the children, amazing set, sound lights and special effects, hilarity brought about by Matilda’s parents.

Altogether, the characters were exactly as I had imagined them. Rather disappointed that they didn’t focus much on Matilda’s magical powers, but I guess they wanted to focus more on the family theme.

Seriously, the set is amazing.

Our seats weren’t the best – Upper circle, row J, restricted by the handrail, but actually if you lean forward throughout the show, you get the same view as the other people in that row. I much prefer sitting in stalls, but for 5 quid, I can’t complain.

Today’s Matilda is Eleanor Worthington Cox

Read Little Women while queueing. I will never tire of this book.


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